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    This year I had about 40 production colonies and I started about 100 new colonies. It kinda looks like I may get decent enough survival this year (I'm tf) to have 100 or more colonies that could go into production this year. I have room for them, but my biggest concern is the amount of comb I have. Lets say I have about 6 boxes with comb for every production colony from last year, and about 15 frames (all mediums) for each nuc I had going into winter. Generally speaking I like to keep my overwintered hives, but is there a rate of expansion on a percentage basis that commercial keepers would be comfortable with to avoid problems with swarming in their operation?

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    expand at the rate you have the infrastructure to handle.
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    Default Re: rate of expansion

    "You wouldn't leave woodticks on your kids or deerticks on your dogs."

    Hopefully you also wouldn't expose your kids to insecticides to remove those woodticks...

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    lharder has been a regular tf poster and clearly already knows what he's doing and what losses to expect.
    I am a 'treater' and resent it when tf folks try to hijack my threads.
    Common courtesy would dictate that you answer his question if you have any information to offer but keep the sermon to yourself.
    Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted. - Emerson

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    Expand as fast as your wallet allows. Foundation and syrup are available commonalities. Find you limiting factor.

    Crazy Roland

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    You could set up a bunch of Plamer style NUCs to draw out comb for you. I suspect you could also split to NUCs faster than the conventional hive. just an idea, I only have 3 hives, so no experience at your scale.


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