how to join Tailgater?
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    Default how to join Tailgater?

    I emailed [email protected] a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if nothing happened or I just don't know where to look for Tailgater.

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    Default Re: how to join Tailgater?

    I'm not aware that anyone is monitoring [email protected]. I know that Moderators do not get those emails.

    Those wishing to join Tailgater can send a PM to Ravenseye, squarepeg or me and we can add you to Tailgater. (I just added Chicago_ks to the Tailgater group.) Once you get access, Tailgater can be accessed just by clicking on it at the main Forum listings, as shown here:

    Its near the bottom of the list, below Coffee Klatch and above Forum Feedback, all of which are above the "Enter at your own Risk - Gateway to Tailgater".

    Or try this link:

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