"CONNEX" shipping/storage container
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    Question "CONNEX" shipping/storage container

    Kids are relocating, I get to store their furniture for "a while"
    Contemplating a shipping container as arodent proof storage unit.
    I expect this thing will be a solar oven in july & august, if not before.
    We had a 20 foot container at work, I noticed the "tare wt" was marked at 8000 lbs
    So, to keep this thing from rusting out , I would like to keep it out of the mud.
    Has any one done this? set on cross ties under the corners only,concrete blocks, full foundation wall??
    I want to avoid creating other problems, such as a refuge for snakes, skunks, fireant, rodents or other undesireables while I am doing this.
    I don't think I have any thing that would shift this after the roll off delivers it.
    Advice? War stories?
    Thanks ... CE
    Started summer of 2013, just another new guy, tinkering with bees.

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    Default Re: "CONNEX" shipping/storage container

    Personally I would want it on timbers at a level that a truck could back up to and the bed be more or less level with the door. That much room underneath eliminates the vermin shelter for the most part. That would also allow room to mow under it or roundup the vegetation. This was my plan when I considered getting one for super and bee equipment storage.

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    Default Re: "CONNEX" shipping/storage container

    I would double check that tare weight. An empty 20' should weigh in at around 4800#. When I worked for a towing company, we would buy these at the docks and resell them. They would typically get set on two to three RR ties. We would not set them directly on dirt but sometimes they went on a bed of gravel. The cheap containers are not what you want as the floor may have some holes. The best are the one ship containers since they are practically new. When you are done, you should be able to sell it for about what you paid for it, less delivery charges.
    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.

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    Default Re: "CONNEX" shipping/storage container

    Sell the furniture ( i have seen that for a while stuff ... lasts a long time) add the price of the container to the money from the old furniture = less headaches and new furniture.


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