Creamed honey from crystals ?
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    Default Creamed honey from crystals ?

    I’m on the verge of making my first batch of creamed honey and i was looking at honey at Stop n Shop. I saw “honey crystals” for sale. I believe the brand was “Nektar.” It was a 12 oz container and the crystals were small. I first mistook it for pollen. Would this be a better seed starter than just creamed honey / spreadable honey?? I would think it would be.

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    Default Re: Creamed honey from crystals ?

    No. According to the fooducate website, Nektar honey crystals are a mixture of granulated sugar and honey. Adding it to your honey would be the same as adding regular sugar.
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    Default Re: Creamed honey from crystals ?

    Buy good creamed honey from the store that says 100% honey and one you like. It is all about the mouthfeel and for that you need really fine crystals. I just bought some Millers creamed honey in an Albertson I use for seed because it was better than mine.


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