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    Good post I'llbeedan, you made me go re-read my own post, and yes, my post does look like I'm drawing a direct comparison between that old guy, and TenBears.

    Should state clearly that the two do not directly compare and i portrayed that poorly. I did used to read and enjoy Tenbears, he is a different person entirely.

    What I was trying to get across although i didn't state it very well, was letting the guilt factor go if you find yourself the "perpetrator" in such a case, long as you did not do anything wrong or go beyond normal internet discussion.
    "Every viewpoint, is a view from a point." - Solomon Parker

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    Yes One cannot digress over what others do. Sometimes what we feel to be an innocuous statement others perceive entirely differently. The written word does not allow for inflections in tome and a jest does not quite come off well. Add to that in an environment such as a forum tends to consolidate the actions of the individual as the actions of the whole. Normally, I find it more pleasurable to simply read the forum and leave the posting to those who are in the know.

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