Storm Knock Over Beehive! Help
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    Default Storm Knock Over Beehive! Help

    A storm knock over my strongest beehive and I didn’t notice until after dark. So I waited until the next morning and relocated the survivors to a new hive (in the rain) and noticed that the queen was still alive! Now the hive have only 2 frames of bees, no brood, but plenty of honey and pollen frames. Will/can it survive? What should/could I do to ensure that the colony gets back on track? My other hive have already started to bring pollen back and this one doesn’t have any workers coming out. (I live in CA).

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    Default Re: Storm Knock Over Beehive! Help

    I'd monitor the weak hive for signs of robbing, as it may not have enough bees to fend off robbers very well. Be prepared to install a robbing screen, or do it - just in case. Depending on what you have available in other hives, you could consider moving a frame of brood into the weaker hive. Don't go overboard, the weak hive must have enough nurse bees to care for the new brood, so just one frame is probably better than more.

    Your winters are relatively mild, and foraging is likely possible at this time, so there is a reasonable chance that they will recover from this setback.
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    Default Re: Storm Knock Over Beehive! Help

    Close their entrance down to the smallest that does not cause too much congestion. Take pecautions for beetles and moths with traps and not giving the bees too much room to gaurd. Check for eggs/larva in a week.

    Other than that sounds like you've done everything you can.


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