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    hey This is super wierd!!
    when it got cold again there wwere lots of dead bees in the front on the ground , I felt bad an put them in a jar to keep them. And I put it in the kitchen, and few hours later my mom is screaming about bees flying !!!!!!! And She's 84 and can't see good really at all but she sure saw them in the kitchen, nearly had a hart attack I think!!!!! We laughed about it later. once the bees were gone, some of them died again by the windows

    bees are magic coming back to life like that, maybe they were justt hibernating the whole time, like a possum when you scare it,

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    I have done something similar. I scraped out the bottom of the hive and threw the bees in the kitchen trash. A few hours later a few were flying around and there were a lot crawling around in the trash can. Live and learn.

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    Remember the adage, " the only dead bee is a WARM dead bee".
    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.

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    Emergency medicine folks who treat deep hypothermia in people say the same thing, "You're not dead till you're warm and dead".

    The navy made a lot of progress during the Korean war treating pilots who missed their aircraft carriers and wound up in the water.

    One Anna Bagenholm (recovered from freezing water and snow after skiing accident) body temp 13.7C 56.7F. Recovered after intensive treatment.

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    If some unusual circumstance has occurred like top blowing off etc., then many otherwise healthy bees may be in a cold induced coma and could return to service, but I think practicality says it is a waste of time trying to revive bees that fall off the cluster or succumb on their sacrificial journey out to die in the cold. My bet is that if you marked the ones you revive and place back on the cluster you will find a very high percentage back on the out of order list next day.

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    these things are serously amazing, like super powers, plus they even fly!!!*(&&*!!!!!!!!!!!!


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