Differences between Fondant vs Candy?
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    Default Differences between Fondant vs Candy?

    Both seem straight forward to make and use, but candy seems to be one step less, the end product is more solid to handle and not runny in the hive.

    Bees will take fondant through a mess screen, will they be able to take candy as well?

    Why take the extra step to blend and aerate the fondant when simply pouring candy into small molds or parchment paper is easier?


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    Default Re: Differences between Fondant vs Candy?

    I dont like either. I make up a no bake candy board. Mix a qt. Of water to 25 lb of sugar mix. Speed over screen box with a sheet of paper and air dry. Done!!! You can add some things or substitute water for apple vinegar. I set the box up for a upper entrance. For me it is old bad boxes that I cut about 3 deep.

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    Default Re: Differences between Fondant vs Candy?

    Fondant normally has a higher moisture content making it easier for bees to eat.

    Candy/brick generally are harder, drier, a bit tougher to eat. More like hard tack, you can eat, but you don't really want to unless you have to.

    So it all boils down to your real agenda. Are you trying to give them something to sustain? or encourage growth?

    Personally we use candy boards on bees when they are fine but we are unsure if nature will treat them with boon or curse.

    We use an in house fondant more spring(or winter in the south) feed to encourage brooding as well as sustain during the last few cold snaps.



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