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    Well I guess with some of the big bee supply companies out and the bigger boys taking over,idk if the can get more expensive,and really it’s not the expense that kills me it’s the s/h charge! Sometimes I don’t have 100$ orders to get free shipping and I need cpl 5$ items and they charge 20$ to ship!! Yea I build most of my equipment and diy a lot but something’s you cant,the closet drive for me is 3.5 hours to any bee supplies. If anyone knows a company that does flat rate shipping would like to know,would love to get away from big boys anyway. Now my plans are to open a bee supply store but I will not do online shipping unless it can be done min flat rate under 10$ or free. Funny I bought an item from one of the big companies 6.95$ 11$ to ship of course wrong item they sent me another for free but I had to send the wrong one back,it weighed 6.4 oz cost me 1.34$ to ship. I got beat either way!!!! Love my bees just dislike the suppliers that think there”helping the bee keeper by keeping Bee’s”

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    A 3.5 hour drive is at least $10 in gas and depending on how much you value your time you've met the $20 shipping. You could try to pool your order with other local beekeepers near you to make it a $100 order.

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    Shop till you drop!
    Most bee supply houses deliver for free to beekeeper conferences. ( where they will be having a booth any way)

    I hate the idea of the bee supply houses going under, but maybe Amazon prime?, or Ebay?

    it only cost you less than $2 to ship back what they charged you $11 to deliver...
    Lucky we dont have to buy boxes & shipping materials, or pay wages & benefits to do this stuff!
    Good luck with your bees .... CE
    Started summer of 2013, just another new guy, tinkering with bees.


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