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    twas the night before xmas and all threw the hive, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse(the beekeeper remembered mouse guards this year)
    The stocking were hung by the entrance reducer with care, with the hope ST Bond would not soon be there.

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from the cluster to see what was the matter. Oh....Tim is back with words that shatter

    Away to the upper entrance I flew like a flash, with stinger ready I prepare to dash. GregV is hopping the mites take out the trash. With dead hives he might get a harvest like years past

    On comes Square peg with his stethoscope, going from hive to hive, reporting good hope.

    Then there is MLS, and he calls them by name -Now Tarpy, Now Seeley, Now Oliver and Spivak. On Van Engelsdorp, on Milbrath, on LOCKE and FRIES, he says it could work if TF would open its eyes

    Chestnut is here, but he talks in vain, He did walk the walk, he feels the pain.
    At some point Richard Cryberg left, he tired of the game

    Juhani sits high on his lofty post, but why not as Tim say’s he is smarter then most

    Old Timer still represents, despite throwing his TF 3 deep hives over the fence.

    Then there is the one with redacted name who we sadly lost, she stuck to her ways, no matter the cost.

    Litsinger might appear by end of the night, he has done good research, and might do all right.
    happy holidays to you and yours
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    Default Re: TF Xmas

    journaling the growth of a (mite) treatment free apiary started in 2010. 20+/- hives

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    Default Re: TF Xmas

    Some talent.
    Former "smoker boy". Classic, square 12 frame Dadants >> Long hive/Short frame/chemical-free experimentations.

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    Default Re: TF Xmas

    Not bad! If was you I still wouldn't quit my day job though! Merry Christmas!
    Splitting a first year hive successfully

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    Default Re: TF Xmas

    The lurkers and trolls were amused by the post.
    it's light-hearted and fun, unlike most.
    Mistakes are the best taechers


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