Hey everyone, I'm curious if anyone else does this (using top bars that don't touch and a cover cloth) because I'm genuinely interested in working my top bar hives (well, also my extra-deep horizontal hives) this way.

The idea is to use a cover cloth like in a Warre hive, or in the German Einraumbeute. It was explained to me that by using a cover cloth, you can still get the "hive is closed/less invasive" inspections by rolling it back from one end or the other, or even the side. But you also would be able to have the speed of inspection you would get with an inner cover on a traditional Langstroth hive and access to the broodnest without moving all the honey frames/bars out of the way first.

I'm also inspired by Sam Comfort's use of bamboo barbecue skewers as top bars in his Warre hives, and really think it would make frame design for my Layens hives significantly simpler (no fancy cuts or different width pieces) and I could apply the same ideas to my top bar hives to make them even simpler as well. No need to have them self-spacing, just move them further apart if they're in the honey part of the hive, closer in the brood nest, etc. I had been planning to use Dr Leo's Easy-to-build Lazutin plans with Layens frame sizing, but I think it could be made even simpler as well.

So, does anyone currently do this in their top bar hives or other types of horizontal hives?
Do you use different frame/top bar measurements?

Curious if anyone else is doing this, and how it has worked out for you.