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    Default question for a moderator

    I have a question about something I want to post. The most appropriate forum would be Recipes and Barry is still listed as the moderator. So, who should I ask, or better yet, can a moderator PM me? Thanks. J

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    Default Re: question for a moderator

    Regardless of which moderator is listed for a specific sub-forum, other moderators likely have moderator rights in that area as well. Posting in this Feedback forum is likely the best way to ask a 'public' question.

    For issues regarding a specific post, use the "Report post" button in the lower left corner of each message (Look for a black triangle with an exclamation point inside). That button generates a link to the post in question, making it easy for a moderator to find the post in question.

    There is a lot of 'grey area' in choosing the most appropriate forum for pretty much any message that isn't a For Sale or Consumer Report issue. Frankly, its easier/faster for a moderator to move a thread around than respond to a PM such as "Where should I post this? ..."

    Having said that, I have sent the OP a PM.
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