Spring 2019

4-Frame Nucs
Nucs are built in TX with a 2019 queen and will contain: 3 frames of brood, 1 frame of honey/pollen, newer comb, an organic mite treatment, and 2-3 quality assessment. $130.00/each

*There is a $10 box deposit on each nuc. ($130+$10)
** Box deposit is refunded when box is returned to our farm in good shape.
*** Tentative pick-up date is Saturday, April 27th thru Sunday, May 5th.

Mated Queens - We are focused on producing a high quality queen through both nutrition and genetic selection. Queens are available Mid-March thru the first week of October.
Varieties available: Italian, VSH/Carniolan --All open mated.
1-10: $28.00
11-25: $26.00
26-50: $25.00

*Shipping not included in price

For more information please contact:
Jordan Bendel
Phone: 608-634-2974
E-mail: [email protected]