While musing about the coffee goodness/badness, I got to think...

Hey, do recommend your favorite coffee brands.
Tea brands work too; tea is good.

While at it - also do advise to AVOID any crappy coffee so to save the others few dollars.

Here it is my recommended list for the moment and what I have been drinking lately:
* whole bean organic coffees from ALDI (two varieties - Costa Rica and Honduras)
* ground estate coffees from ALDI (they got Kenya and Costa Rica; while I do not prefer the pre-grounds, these do work)
* single-source Sam's Choice coffees from WALMART (all of places, I was recently surprised by Walmart; shame on me)
* loose black tea from Lipton (a good solid honest staple tea; if I see it, I grab a couple boxes or more)

The bad stuff I tried lately and will rather AVOID:
* tried recently 8 O'Clock coffee after a long break - meh, the new owners spoiled it for me, I don't care what they claim; 8 O'Clock Columbian whole bean used to be the CR Best Buy - nope, no longer so per the CR
* tea bags in general (I got this stash of tea bags from Stash, HyVee, Aldi at my office - these are all crap; I don't know why I keep buying this crap)

Pretty much, hard for me to spend more money against my current favorites (unless I catch a crazy good deal and then give it a try).
Pretty much, we do not want comments on any local brands (I got plenty too, but who cares) and on anything one had 6 months ago (there are plenty of these, but who remembers).