I want to start this talk so to build some kind of a coffee score (bad vs. good).
Am somewhat tired of daily whiplash from "coffee is bad" vs. "coffee is good" type news.

But also, this could be a good demo of just how uncertain is pretty much any scientific conclusion (often fed to the public as if it is has certainty of 2+2=4, now and forever).
As well, the contextual framing of the conclusions (or the lack of it) creates a double-headache.

This morning so far I just emptied my regular serving of a near-full French press; pretty strong fix at 4 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Coffee is good for me:
* my normal blood pressure is on a low side and so I do need it raised to function;
in the remote past, I was given caffeine shots even, due to extremely low blood pressure

Coffee is bad for me:
* I tend to gradually increase the coffee intake so that it still works for me, but eventually coffee starts disrupting the normal sleep cycle
this requires periodic "coffee breaks", i.e. low-caffeine weekends (with some hangover symptoms).

So, this is 1:1 for now.

This is one example of popular "coffee is bad" rant:

This is one example of simple to read "coffee is good" rant: