Varomor - Oxalic acid vaporizer
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    Default Varomor - Oxalic acid vaporizer

    Dear all,
    Have you tried the "Varomor" vaporizer for treating against varroa? I have seen some YouTube videos (unfortunately all in German) and find it a good choice against the ProVap 110. I do not have access to electricity in my apiaries and do not know how wise would it be to depend on car batteries to treat. I would like to know if anyone has used the "Varomor" and what are your opinions. I do not want to spend 100 USD on something that I wont be using. I have at the moment nearly 100 hives an need to find quicker and more effective ways to treat my bees.
    Hope to hear back from you guys soon!

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    Default Re: Varomor - Oxalic acid vaporizer

    There has been considerable discussion in the past about vaporizing the combination of Alcohol and Oxalic acid. The desired form of micro crystals of sublimated oxalic acid may not be achieved when it is driven off in the presence of alcohol vapor and may not be as effective. Have not heard much about it for a long while so I suspect it may not live up to all the early enthusiasm.

    I am sure there will be more posts on here from people who are up to date on reviews of that product.

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