Stolen hives found
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    Default Stolen hives found

    I saw this posted on a beekeeping group on face book. They had photos and info. Figured I'd share the info here for any who have had hives stolen.

    Yesterday I recieved a phone call from the District Attorney's office in Fresno California who have basically uncovered a crime ring involving multi states from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California and an astronomical amount of hives that have been stolen. In one pic there is a brand NW Bee. Please share in the beekeeping world to get the word out, they want to find the owners of what has been stolen as well as getting any information they can to help prosecute. As a beekeeper you know how much time, money and care that goes into your hives, it is sad to see all of these that have been basically destroyed.

    An update on the post..

    The thieves would steal the hives pallets at a time, bring them to the Fresno area, broker with an unsuspecting farmer, place the bees for pollination and collect their large check using the stolen equipment……the pile in North Dakota is the stock pile of spares and extras they would use to split the hives as well as those they had used up and lost the bees

    The lower paragraph was copied and pasted from the investigator Douglas Bolton with contact info. Again please share in the beekeeping world to help find the owners!

    If anyone had thefts in the 2015-2017 time frame have them reach out. Or if any keepers or farmers have had any contact with unknown Russian keepers.

    Senior Investigator Douglas Bolton

    Fresno County District Attorney’s Office

    2220 Tulare St. Suite 1000

    Fresno, CA 93727

    (559) 600-4384…..Office

    (559) 417-8627…..Cell

    [email protected]

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    Default Re: Stolen hives found

    The images circulating with this post show boxes recently stenciled with "All States Apiaries, Inc". This is the name used by Pavel Tveretinov and Vasiliy Yeroshenko when they were arrested by Fresno Sheriffs in April 2017 for bee thefts in California. Tveretinov and his two brothers registered yards in North Dakota in various prior years.

    all state apiary in ND-2.jpg

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    Default Re: Stolen hives found

    Beehive thieves are a special kind of lowlife scum.

    They take another persons livelihood, and in this case, appear to have used it and then just junked it, as they clearly have few skills.

    They should be sent to Dee Lusbys yard to work naked.
    "Every viewpoint, is a view from a point." - Solomon Parker

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    Default Re: Stolen hives found

    Oh nooooo!! Anything but Dee's Bee's...
    "Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay".....Krishnamurti


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