2019 Spring Nucs May only, April fully booked.
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    Smile 2019 Spring Nucs May only, April fully booked.

    W. Fisher Bee Farm will be selling spring nucs in the Spring 2019 Season.

    Taking orders now, all nuc orders must have 10% down to be considered a firm order.

    May availability

    The 2019 Price will be as follows:

    001 to 019 $175
    020 to 049 $155
    050 to 099 $140
    100 to 199 $125
    200 to 999 $115

    Nucs will consist of:
    1. A freshly mated queen, on brood of her own heritage.
    2. 5 Deep frames consisting of, 2 Brood, 2 Honey, 1 frame can vary Brood, Honey, or Foundation for expansion.
    3. A mann lake frame feeder partially filled with my in house candy(was full when nuc was made, you get whatever remains(caps and ladders
    NOT included with feeder)No pollen sub in Candy.
    4. the 6 frame Custom Nuc box is included in the price.
    *Bees can change occupancy of frames as they see fit.
    ** We only use Standard Deep Frames for brood purposes.

    Our queen heritage is derived from over 5 years of grafting from Minnesota Hygienic Queens. We also breed from within our own stock as we pull survivor queens that excelled in our harshest environments. We have also acquired breeders from Latshaw’s, Mraz's and other renowned breeders as we see fit. As well we sometimes get queen cells from Dave Miska to keep our genetics diverse.

    Our queens are mutts, there is no one line we breed upon, nor do we restrict the mating of the queens.

    Currently I am planning on having 800 nucs available every Saturday in May 2018
    April is fully booked at this point already.

    There will be NO FRAME EXCHANGE. I will not accept frames towards purchased nucs.

    Nucs Can be picked up at either our Dade City, FL location or McVeytown, PA

    All nucs are required to be inspected by buyer before loading, all sales are final once bees are loaded into buyer’s transport.

    Delivery can be negotiated at cost to buyer for orders over 200 nucs, if I have truck and driver available. April is the start of my pollination season, a truck and driver may not always be available.

    To qualify for discounted rate all bees must be paid for and picked up at the same time.
    To pay on pick up a certified check/cash is necessary, if you wish to use personal check
    it needs to arrive and clear my bank before pickup, preferably at least 2 weeks.

    For any more Questions contact me, Aaron Fisher at:

    W. Fisher Bee Farm
    6395 SR 103N BLD 21
    Lewistown PA 17044
    [email protected]

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    Default Re: 2019 Spring Nucs May only, April fully booked.

    PM Sent

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    Default Re: 2019 Spring Nucs May only, April fully booked.

    Still some room in May.

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