What to do after wax moths
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    Default What to do after wax moths

    I had some wax moth damage and removed those frames and the box they were in. I put the frames in the freezer (you can see some larva that tried to escape, they were not visible when put into the freezer). The box got put into the garage refrigerator, I cannot fit it into the freezer.

    My questions are 1. What do I do with these frames of comb? After a hard freeze do I just cut out the damaged parts and use again?

    2. How do I treat the box? I do not see any signs of damage to the wood, but have read that wax moths can bore into wood. Iíve read that a weak bleach solution will do it, but wanted opinion of others that have gone through this.

    Iíve reduced this hive from 3 mediums to 2 as it appeared the wax moth damage was only in one medium. Iím no longer allowing an upper entrance and reducing the normal one. I will put a homemade wax moth trap in the beeyard.

    This lower medium was mostly empty of stores and had no brood. There is Brood in the others, but I am going to inspect carefully for queen hardiness as I know this problem is a sign of a weak hive.

    I would apprciate any other advice from experienced beekeepers.13370AE4-5DF7-4692-B0BE-AD1DAF759C3E.jpg7B46ED6D-CA42-4CE4-BB99-ABF0FD8E7F7B.jpg

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    Default Re: What to do after wax moths

    After freezing the frames for at least 48 hours, I remove the worst part of the damage, getting as much of the webbing out as I can. The bees will remove the rest and repair the comb.
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