I am in mid-MD. I posted about this hive recently on a FaceBook forum, but at the time mistakenly thought these dead bees were all drones being kicked out. They are not. They are workers who have been dying for several weeks. The smell caught my attention They drop out or are carried out and just walk around a little, or twitch or languish on their back or sides with legs moving a little before they succumb. Bee Lab reports no Nosema. Only 1% mites. 24 other colonies are in the apiary and none exhibit dying bees. Any ideas of what is causing this? Some sort of virus? I fear there is nothing I can do. They are still a strong colony with top deep full of capped stores, the 2018 queen in the middle box with brood. Was a swarm from this spring I caught 10 miles away. Drew two deeps and three medium supers of comb! Here is a short video of the dead/dying bees. Any ideas?