Nature has a funny side.

The other day, I saw something really odd... and funny.

There was a wasp on a dandelion flower, I was trying to decide if I should squish it when a honey bee flew onto the flower right beneath the stinger of the wasp and started working the flower too, going right underneath the wasp.
The wasp lifted its left legs up and over it and moved off to the other side of the flower, then, when the honey bee had its back to it, walked up to it, put both antennae on the bees back and then stepped back.
When the bee turned around to face the wasp, the wasp stepped up and head butted the bee in the face twice,knocking it completely off ITS flower and then continued to work ITS flower as if nothing had happened.

Here in New Zealand, we are in early spring.
I think this does have some bearing on this behaviour as it is completely different to what I have observed at other times of the year.
For now, the wasps are only interested in collecting nectar.

What the bee did then was interesting as well.
Instead of going onto another dandelion flower, it flew over to the brassicas and started foraging on them instead.

I found this interesting because everything I have read has said that honey bees ONLY forage on one type of flower at a time....Obviously, this is not always the case.