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I also ordered and I agree:
-Appears to be a good/ sturdy build
-Fast shipping
-Johno answered any questions courteously and promptly

It was a no brainier for me. I had priced the parts and I am not a DIY er. I am sure anything I tried to piece together would have been a disaster. The cost is the same as one Varrox wand. I added a 400 watt inverter, for around $33, from Lowes. My only question is should I order another one while they are available? I have not fired it up yet but will soon...

Thanks Johno

I think you may need a little more power that the 400watt inverter.

I got one from Harbor Freight for like 40bucks and used a 20% coupon. Tax and all was around $32 bucks total.

Its continuous 750/1500 watt peek.1543130110-1543129808532.jpg1543130110-1543129867162.jpg

This thing works like a charm even with a 50ft extension cord and heats up fast 1543130110-1543129892086.jpg