Nucs winter preparation
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    Default Nucs winter preparation

    I am a second year Beekeeper and successfully produced 3 nucs this year from my 2 hives. In late June 2018 I was able to make 1 walk away split that is now 5/5/5 nuc. My other two were made with capped brood and 2 locally purchase queens on July 20th 2018. These are both 5/5 now.


    All 3 were treated with apivar strips that are due to come off in 7 days. Since September 1st all 3 have received 2to1 sugar syrup. All are very full with bees and capped honey. The two smaller nucs are carniolan, the bigger is an Italian that most likely bred with carniolan or darker drones.

    The nucs have screened bottom that I can and will close off here in the next week or so.

    I was planning on moving these 3 together to the south side of my garden shed before the snow flies here in Northern Iowa.

    Now you know my situation what would those of you with more experience, do to help ensure these nucs survive this upcoming Midwest winter? Quilt top? Extra sugar/candy? Any advice is welcomed. My goal first and foremost is to learn more about honeybees and beekeeping.

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    Default Re: Nucs winter preparation

    Yes, quilt top with extra sugar/candy with top ventilation. I would reduce entrance size and add mouse guards. On a warmish day in Dec. I would do an OAV to clean up any remaining mites.

    I am sure you will get 12 more ideas from 10 other beeks.

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    Default Re: Nucs winter preparation

    You successfully overwintered two hives last year; same "rules" apply to the nucs with only some minor variations for quantity of bees and theoretically you're a year smarter.
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