Bee Lives - A Game About Bees
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    Default Bee Lives - A Game About Bees

    There is a game called Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer about wild bee hives up on kickstarter now that I think several of you would be interested in. It's useful for educating students about bees as well. If any of you like board games about bees you should take a look. I know the beekeepers in the Philadelphia area have taken a shine to it.

    Kickstarter Funded_med.jpg

    The campaign can be found at

    Do many of you do education on bees at the middle school, high school or college levels? If you do, would you find a game like this useful for your STEM education needs?

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    Default Re: Bee Lives - A Game About Bees

    Wow, that looks like it would be great fun and very informative!! A little bit pricey but maybe I can talk someone into getting it for me for Christmas!


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