Frames without bottoms
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    Default Frames without bottoms

    I bought some supers with frames included. For whatever reason they don't have a bottom piece of wood connecting up the side. I'm finding that, without the bottom, the bees keep building their comb, attaching to the frames underneath. This results in a frame being stuck when going to lift it up, and it ends up breaking apart, leaving a bunch of burr comb to clean up. Since the bees are getting smoked, they all jump on this broken part of honeycomb that's oozing out, making it difficult to clean up the broken comb. In order to not kill a lot of bees, I need to slowly take apart the burr comb; a good amount of bees still die and it takes quite some time.

    Has anyone else had this problem? What would you guys suggest for me to do with these frames? They might be suitable to use in the brood chamber?

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    For me they are culled out as soon as possible. Not worth the pain that they cause.

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    Default Re: Frames without bottoms

    Cut the comb out if you need it and junk the frames.
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    Default Re: Frames without bottoms

    I would try and rotate these frames out.

    In the short term you can run a piece of fishing line or wire between the boxes to cut the comb between the frames. You may still loose some bees, but I think it will be a cleaner method.

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    Default Re: Frames without bottoms

    Quote Originally Posted by SouthAussieBeekeeper View Post
    What would you guys suggest for me to do with these frames?
    If you have woodworking skills and the required equipment, then take off the smallest possible amount of wood from the bottom of the sides (to remove any wax there), and then glue-on a strip of wood as a new bottom-bar.

    If you are NOT able to do this, then either junk them, or give them away to someone who experiments with equipment as they can still be used to make custom frames for the rearing of queen-cells and similar purposes.
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    Might try a wire between the boxes for cutting, this is how they separate warr hives.


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