In addition to beekeeping and teaching, I am also the president of the Navarre Ferret and Dog Rescue. (like us on Facebook) Today took a turn I did not expect. While driving to do a rabbit adoption, I passed a man and a young child on the side of the hwy looking at what appeared to be a dead dog. I turned the car around and drove back. The first thing I thought to ask was if it was still breathing. He was. The gentleman said it was a stray his kids had been feeding. They had tried to get him out of the street, buy a truck with a trailer hit him. We used the mat in my "trunk" (hatchback) to roll him over and lift him like a stretcher. The closest vet was 40 minutes away. I won't mention how fast I drove down the interstate, but I'm glad I didn't get pulled over. We got there about 15 minutes before closing. The vet stayed to evaluate, stabilize, and fix him up. Miraculously, he had no internal bleeding or broken bones. However, the wound area was only where the skin ripped. The area the trailer gouged out is nearly the full area that is shaved. Take a look at how far apart the ends of the drain tube are to get an idea of the extent of damage under the skin. I've taken him in as his foster mom and given him a small room in my house. We think he is a stray, possibly dumped. He was full of fleas and we fear may be heartworm positive, which is extremely common in dog not receiving prevention meds in our area. Our rescue is a small one with only a handful of volunteers and no paid staff. We need help covering the costs of his vet bills. Even $5 will help. Donations can be made directly via Paypal at [email protected] or the Facebook donation link, although that takes a while to get to us. Please share the post and help us get the word out. I'm not posting the more graffic pictures here, but you can see the open wound on our facebook page. This boy is a super sweet guy who never even growled at us even when he was is tremendous pain.IMG_20180915_170725041.jpg