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    Hello All,
    I'm a second year amateur beekeeper in New Jersey. I started last year with two hives but lost them both at the end of the fall. I started again in late spring of this year with 3 Nucs. One is expanding spectacularly, the other two are poking along. I have a second box on all hives and have added a super to the most productive hive. For experimental purposes, I am considering moving one hive from its wooden boxes to an insulated plastic hive this fall before winter cold sets in. Do you think there will be any issue for the bees in moving their frames, in the same positions in the box, and at the same physical location and orientation to the new plastic hive?

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    Hi and Welcome!

    I see no issue with moving the bees over to a different box at all, however, why? I can almost assure you that your bees did not freeze to death last year. You need to figure out what your bees died from and adjust that. If you do nothing different from last year with the exception of switching them over to insulated hives, I'm afraid there is a good chance that the same result will occur. Some questions that arise are did they go into winter with strong populations and plenty of food? Was the population healthy? Just out of curiosity, did you treat for mites?

    It would be very useful to other members in the future if you could add your location to your profile so it shows on your posts (town and state). Where in New Jersey are you? I am up in North Jersey.

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    Welcome to Bee Source.
    "Sometimes the best action, with bees, is no action at all."

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    Hello, welcome to the community!

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