Split is failing...
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    Default Split is failing...

    I recently made a few splits and introduced 6 of my new Queens I purchased. There were lots of brood and bees and the Queens were accepted. I didn't get my Queens until later in June and checked them again today and all seems well with the other girls but one hive has lots of empty comb that was full before and she is there running around but only about 20 to 30 capped brood in the center frames and a handful of bees. Is all lost here as it is getting later in the Season and a waste of time to bring some capped brood over? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jack

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    Give them uncapped brood, not capped brood. They can make a new queen if need be from a frame of uncapped brood and eggs.

    It's getting late in the year. I would combine the hive with another after dispatching the dud queen. You have drawn comb for a split next spring that should take off quickly.


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