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    I have a Kelley hive loader which I have taken apart in order to rebuild motors and gear reduction boxes, replace seals, replace drive chains, paint, lubricate, etc. As I am now retired, I probably will not complete the task, but it is all there for someone with fundamental mechanical and electrical skills. The boom has side-to-side and front-to-back leveling, and also a hydraulic cylinder that raises the mast higher in order to double stack hives, and which lowers again to travel. The boom is the right length to be used on a one-ton truck with a 12' flatbed, which would carry sixty 10-frame hives when loaded six across and doubled up, that is, 12 hives in a row X five rows. I have made some improvements to the original design which reduce friction and lower the weight. The photos I have included show another Kelley loader which I have already sold, but which I have included in order to show what the loader I am advertising will look like when completed and mounted on a truck. The truss arm is about 14' long plus another 2 1/2' for the box that covers the winch and cord reel. The mast is about 5' wide X 7' tall X 16" thick, and mounts between the back of the cab and the bed. Total weight around 800 lbs. For pick-up at Blodgett, Oregon. I would recommend your using a 16' trailer to carry this home. I have a forklift with which we can load up. $800, cash or cashier's check preferred. Please contact Kenny Williams in Blodgett, OR for more details. at (541)456-2631 or at [email protected].
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