One of my neighbors has a small patch of milkweed in his pasture. My bees enjoy the bloom in late August here. It seems like I read somewhere that this stuff was poison to cows ( I thought he might eradicate them), so last year, or year before, I stole some seed heads, planted them & got nothing.
Last month, I "bartered" him a jar of honey for permission to dig up some of the actual plants.
the plant seemes to spring from nodes on the roots, but I dug some up, & planted them in my field.
the plants have not died (yet), but the local grass seems to be out running them.
I am inclined to put a card board weed blocker Around them & mulch them, but with what?
My Mother used hay around her grapes years ago, & killed them.
I used wood chips in my garden, & destroyed this years corn crop
I only have these few plants , so I am asking for advice, lest I learn from my mistakes
I would hate to have to admit that I cant seem to grow weeds ...

Thanks ... CE