Check Hive During MAQS Treatment
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    Default Check Hive During MAQS Treatment

    Doing a 3 week MAQS treatment and have one week left. The packaging says disturbing the brood during treatment could hurt or kill the queen.

    I am worried that the bees might get honeybound. I am running two mediums with empty supers that were put on when I started the treatment. Can I look into the second boxes and take a frame or two if they look too full at this point in the year?

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    Buy 3-week treatment do you mean that you are doing the half dose one strip method? And by second box do you mean brood box or honey super? If you are referring to the brood box I would stay out of it. It is pretty late in the season for them to swarm although it is a risk but I think Wayne the risks I would stay out of it . J

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    Default Re: Check Hive During MAQS Treatment

    Follow the product instructions. It's clear that they strongly recommend leaving the hives alone during the treatment period.

    If the brood nest becomes backfilled the bees will move nectar up into the empty supers to open up space for the brood.
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    Default Re: Check Hive During MAQS Treatment

    +1, if it were some sort of emergency, sure. No need to fret about the current situation whatsoever.
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