Ever have this happen?
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    Default Ever have this happen?

    I waked out to ck on the bees yesterday and there were ~100 bees flying and walking all around the orig hive trying to get in and just a few around the split off hive entrance and a wad of bees on the front entrance of the orig hive..

    I thought robbing? and grabbed my box and walked up and there and the ball was still on the front entry. Went easing thru the ball and there was a queen in the middle of the ball of some happy and some pissed off bees. I caught her and put her in my queen marking cup.

    Called my buddy Mark to see what he thought. He is the one guy that offered to help me with my bees when I first got them and still offers help for beekeeping 2000 because I had bees for ~30 years in the 60/70/80's.

    I have a dark Buckfast queen in the new hive and never been able to find my orig queen, she is my Baton Rogue queen, and my bees look like the UN with all the assorted colors and sizes all I can fig is the drones must have been really flying when she mated. I am guessing she is a med dark color since I cannot find her since most of the bees are darker or have dark banding.. Good news is most of the time they are very gentle regardless of color.

    This queen looked like the old Italian queens very golden color and no banding. Opened the hive up and found some 2 day old eggs so I figured it was not her eggs. I had done a full inspection of both hives on Saturday and found no queen cells of either low or high.

    I put a couple frames over in a nuc and put her out and they smoked her before I could get her out. They jumped her like they did me and the weed eater.

    What do you think? This was a late after swarm from some feral bees in the area?

    afaik there are no bee hives in 1/2 mile of my bees and I back up to some woods.

    In the old days my bees swarmed more than once since I did very little other than rob them 1 a year and leave them alone. Think this was some small late after swarm?

    If so why try to get into this hive?

    Thanks for the help. Jim

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    Default Re: Ever have this happen?

    Could be a usurpation. AHB will do this. I see you are in TX.

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    Default Re: Ever have this happen?

    That was my first thought as well
    Ask two beekeepers, get three answers


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