4/4 double nuc question
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    Default 4/4 double nuc question

    I have two double nucs and two hives. I introduced mated queens into the nucs a few weeks ago and they're now laying. I didn't have any drawn foundation for the supers so I had to give them foundation frames. This week, looking at the frames in the supers there are some slight traces of white wax, but I'm concerned that they might not have the resources and population to fully draw it out and fill it before winter.

    Relevant info: I'm in Southern Maine and the Goldenrod is in bloom.
    The two main hives used to create the double nucs continuing to draw comb in the supers and filling them with honey (not planning on harvesting). These are first year hives and they have 2 deeps and 2 supers 10F.

    My questions:
    1. What is the seasonal cut-off time for creating a double nuc with a mated queen in Maine?
    2. If I start to feed these nucs with 1:1 my hope is they will draw out the foundation and potentially use it for winter storage. I will watch for them filling the brood chamber with the sugar-water and take any swarm prevention measures necessary. Will this scenerio happen/work/make sense? Feed or not feed?
    3. If they start to lay eggs in the supers of this double nuc box should I just add another super and carry it into the winter as a 4/4/4 double nuc?



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    Default Re: 4/4 double nuc question

    Not sure of your cut-off time up there.
    If you are concerned about taking more brood from the main hives to boost the nucs, at least shake some nurse bees from open brood frames to allow them more ability to draw wax.
    And feed plenty.
    If they are having a hard time drawing now you may want to concentrate on getting them strong in a 4x4 setup and not worry about a 4x4x4.


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