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    I extracted and used a dehumidifier and fan with buckets partially filled. Took a while but worked.

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    A small dehumidifier may work. The humidity of the room and temperature is what's important. I dry at 35% and 85F or hotter in a closet with the boxes stacked up and box fans ontop of stacks pulling air thru. It's really easy. Check moisture with refractometer, below 20% is fine, USDA grade A is 18.6%

    You don't want to dry the honey once already extracted. Very little surface area and a dry fill will form ontop inhibiting drying.

    Typically when I find wet honey is if I harvest in the middle of the summer when the air is very wet or if I harvest a bit too early before Combs are capped.....and just because the Combs are uncapped doesn't mean the honey is too wet. A refractometer is pretty important. I use mine all the time.

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