Bees For Sale (Price Drop) - Arizona
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    Default Bees For Sale (Price Drop) - Arizona

    60 Double Deeps - $180
    64 Singles - $120
    20 Nucs - $80

    Everything is 10 frame deep.

    Minimum purchase is 10 colonies. Price negotiable on larger quantities. Local pickup only.
    Note: approximately 70% still need to be placed on 4-way pallets as I don't have enough on hand at the moment. Plenty of individual bottom boards on hand.

    Frames are mannlake grooved top and bottom, wired and waxed with 4.9mm beeswax foundation.
    Boxes are mostly mannlake dimensions but with cleats or handholds. Some older boxes, but mostly good to excellent condition under 5 years old.
    Top covers vary in construction, but they are mostly migratory with some of the overhangs trimmed to accommodate cleats that come up to the edge of the frame rest portion of the box.

    As of now:
    60% - 2018 mated queens
    30% - 2017 mated queens
    10% - year mated relatively unknown

    Breeding history available on almost all hives as all are numbered.

    Also have spare boxes, 1gallon frame feeders, wired frames, and wired frames with foundation that I'd be willing to negotiate on if needed to expand these colonies in your own yards - quantity limited - approximately 50 new deep boxes of frames and foundation.

    Contact info:
    PM or call/text (520) 603-1804
    [email protected]
    Tucson, Arizona

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    Default Re: Bees For Sale (Price Drop) - Arizona

    This post replaces original thread posted on 7/31/18.

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