Made creamed honey with a honey pump
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    Default Made creamed honey with a honey pump

    On 3 separate occasions, I have pumped honey out of a drum that wasn't crystallized at all but really too cool to pump - just didn't want to wait to heat the drum. The pump struggled but eventually filled some buckets. Each time in only about 3 days, those buckets set up with perfectly creamed honey. Even when you pull a string of it with your finger where you can normally see some fine crystals, there was none to be found. Gorgeous stuff.

    I assume the pump aerated the honey then the crystals formed on the tiny bubbles vs using any seed. Does anyone use aeration to make creamed honey using something other than a honey pump? They are too expensive to wear out quickly. Maybe that's the origin of "whipped" honey. Yes, I know this wouldn't be the official Dyce method, but could be very efficient and not require any seed.

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    Default Re: Made creamed honey with a honey pump

    It may be a situation where the pump caused what is termed shear forces in the honey that started the formation of crystals. Since honey is a super saturated solution it could happen at the right combination of temperature and pressure with the addition of mechanical shear.


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