Why do we feed if bees have honey frames?
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    Default Why do we feed if bees have honey frames?

    Dear all, as written in the title, why do we feed syrup when bees still have honey in brood chamber (at least two frames in the sides)? I don't understand why do we keep feeding and / or why do bees don't consume the stored honey (reserves) ?
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    Default Re: Why do we feed if bees have honey frames?

    If 2 frames are not enough to last them, you feed. If you think 2 frames is enough, you don't feed.

    What you got to think about is if there is no honey coming in, and how long it will be till the next honey flow, and if the honey they have stored will be enough to last them. If it will not be enough, you feed them.

    So, where you are in Monterrey, are the bees collecting honey at the moment? If they are not, how long do you think it will be until they do start collecting honey?
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    Default Re: Why do we feed if bees have honey frames?

    i feed to stimulate the queen to keep laying eggs (even if the flow hasn't quite started) so i have a larger population when there is honey to be made. i also feed to keep the bees drawing out foundation as long as possible. i put 2 foundation in every box of every split i make so i can cull old comb and have more equipment. i also feed if i am trying to raise queens.

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