Sweet Success! 1st time collecting honey.
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    Default Sweet Success! 1st time collecting honey.

    Well I did it and it was a success.

    Took 1 x medium 8 frame super off the hive, all 8 frames capped both sides.
    Put them in my 109.00 extractor from Amazon ( honestly suprised at how well it worked ).
    Collected nearly 2 gallons of honey. Enough to fill, 12 x 12oz bears, 6 x 8oz mason jars, 6 x 12oz mason Jars ( guessing this size ) 1 x 4oz honey bottle, and had about 3 cups of honey left over that we put in a jar due to being out of bottles. Collected more than we thought we would.
    I would say we have about 2-4 cups of wax cappings that we drained and got about 3/4 cup of honey from. Ill freeze the cappings.

    Really fun way to spend 1/2 a Saturday.

    I put my frames in the freezer and will thaw and add them back tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Sweet Success! 1st time collecting honey.

    Nothing like reaping some reward for all your hard work!! That's how I'd like to spend a Saturday! Congratulations.

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    Default Re: Sweet Success! 1st time collecting honey.

    Always fun to extract and see all that honey. Interesting how the honey varies from year to year too. Last year my honey was dark, this year it is all light.
    Some days it's not even worth chewing through the restraints.


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