Honey consumer's needs
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    What do people who buy honey want? What motivates them to choose one honey product, over another?

    People have a lot of concerns over the quality of honey products. They might be concerned that it's been pasteurised, which would reduce it's taste, nutritional content and some believe it's medicinal properties also. They might concerned it's been adulterated, one way or another.

    People also seem to want to buy local honey, whether that be to support their local beekeepers, or simply because they want honey that contains local pollen.

    What other needs and wants do consumers have, other than cost factors?

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    Here is a short list of what I hear from my customers. They want local, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey. They want a professional looking package and assurance it was packaged properly.
    Bottom line is that the quality needs to be top notch! I also ask top dollar for my honey, it's worth every penny!

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    Default Re: Honey consumer's needs

    In addition, customers (especially wholesale customers) want consistency which can be really tough because you can't control what honey gets produced (unless you move your hives to chase certain flows). I purposely mix all my honey prior to bottling. Otherwise the early season will be light and mild (everybody likes it) and late season will be darker and stronger (not everybody likes it). It's like when you hear folks say, "I tried wildflower honey once, and I didn't like it." It takes some cajoling to get them to try it again.


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