VSH expression percentages confirmed through assay testing, no guess work here. These are real VSH queens, and their daughters will be too. Our selection process is very strict, all queens weighed twice (on emergence and at ii time), all visually inspected under a microscope. Any queen remotely concerning, gets added to the swarm bait jar.

Queen mother is a 100% expressing harbo hybrid, that throws about 2/3 yellow and 1/3 DARK daughters.

Drone mothers are 75% expressing, variety of backgrounds, mostly carnica, some italian.

Super solid brood patterns.
All queens 180mg+ at ii time (175mg was Glenn's cut off).
All are clipped, numbered disc marked with this year's color.

These queens are my hold backs, I had intended to replace any of my own that didn't live up to my standards with them. I didn't need to use them, so they are available.

$200 ea

USPS - $30
UPS - $Actual cost to your location

Jon Sawyer
Port Angeles, WA
[email protected]
360-680-3822 (8am - 8pm PST, text anytime)

Pic 1 - Queen Mother
Pic 2 - VSH assay testing of one of the drone mothers
Pic 3 - Weighing a virgin queen
Pic 4 - germplasm extraction
Pic 5 - insemination of a queen (from this batch)