Mason Bee Parasites
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    This year I had some mason bees and they did really well and filled several tubes with eggs. When it was time I brought them into the garage and put them in a fine mesh bag as directed but I just checked and they were overrun by what I initially thought were small ants but they could fly. I took all of the tubes out of the bag and shook them out and emptied the bag of these things. Then I noticed that the tubes were covered with little holes. It looks like these parasites drilled into the tubes and ate the bee larvae. I didn't open the tubes just so I wouldn't disturb any that were left but I have not idea where they came from. I've been searching and I don't see anything that looks what what I saw so I was hoping someone here could help me out.

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    I think it's a wasp. The holes are the wasps emerging as they parasitize the cocoons prior.

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    Parasitic wasps. The holes on the sides of the cocoons are telltale signs of them. I usually only lose a few per hundred to the wasps.
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