freezing some honey frames?
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    Default freezing some honey frames?

    Hi all,

    I have some supers with a some frames of capped honey-- but I'm not ready equipment/process wise to start extracting. I remember reading that some folks freeze their honey frames until they are ready to extract. I'm going into the hives tomorrow and was wondering what the process of freezing entails? I have a chest freezer currently empty-- Do I just get some big ziplocks somewhere and stick the frames in/freeze? Can they be left there for a few weeks until I'm ready to fiddle with an extractor etc?

    I decided to not do the mash/strain method because I'd like to keep the drawn comb to save the bees some downstream work, so storing makes more sense for me.



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    Default Re: freezing some honey frames?

    I'd just stand em in chest, freeze until a day before ready to thaw. Then process.

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    Default Re: freezing some honey frames?

    Would freezing for 24 hours not kill the SHB eggs, then store where more SHB couldn't get to them?

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    Default Re: freezing some honey frames?

    I fill 3 freezers with frames of Honey till I am ready to extract. Remove them about 2 days before extracting for thawing. I have left a frame or two in the wood shop for several days to use in starting nucs for weeks with no invaders but would NOT take that chance with full frames of honey I wanted to extract.
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