SHB and extraction, same day.
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    Default SHB and extraction, same day.

    Doesn’t look like any SHB were present, but one or two will pop up in my hives. I froze most of my supers two days ago, but took off 3 today. Will there be any issues if I extract today’s supers with the others? In other words is there a possibility of SHB eggs hatching in my extracted bucket of honey? Or should I not extract these frames tonight? Nearly all the frames are capped.

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    Default Re: SHB and extraction, same day.

    You can extract honey from supers that you pull the same day or even the next day in my area. However do not leave the capping laying around. You will have SHB larvae hatching in those if they are left laying around after you extract.

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    Default Re: SHB and extraction, same day.

    I have never seen eggs hatch in honey containers or extractor, I don't believe it is possible. They will hatch in your cappings and extracted wet frames, or any comb with pollen, honey or even dead larva.

    You have about two days before the eggs hatch and start to infest the frames after being pulled. Any longer then you should freeze first.


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