Triazicide around hives
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    Has anyone tried Triazicide in the front of their hives. I had a bad beetle problem last year. I applied this around a few hives during the evening when it was misting rain and bees were not moving much. I have seen zero SHB in the hives this spring that I put this in front of. I still have beetles in the other hives. I also planted centipede sod in front of the hives to cut down on high grass and having to disturb bees with mowing as much and weedeating. Point being, chemical has not affected the bees at all - they are as strong as ever. Has anyone tried this before?

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    I use it around my hives, the hives are elevated about two feet off the ground on ten foot long platforms that are set on cinderblocks, I broadcast it around the sides and back but not within three feet around the entrance reason being I don't want any of the bees falling on the ground right in front of the hives when they are removing the dead. It has stopped all of the unwanted bugs from getting into the hives except the ants, the ants seem to get around everything I try I thinks they may be coming up from the center of the cinderblocks.

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    That's the only insecticide I use and haven't had any problems. My hives sit above rubber mats so shb must work to get to soil. Every 3 months of so I drench the area under the mats with a watering can.


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