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I'm looking to split my single-deep hive which is jam-packed with bees (and which I just supered with a honey super to avoid swarming). I'd rather split the hive than have honey this year, and according to a local beekeepers facebook group I'm on, there's still about a month of time left to start successful splits (most people around here stop splitting in mid-July). I've been doing a lot of reading, but most instructions I find assume you are running a double-brood hive, and/or have drawn frames (this is my first hive, so I don't have any extra drawn frames yet). I was wondering if this was a reasonable approach:

  1. Transfer 4 of the frames from my current hive into a new hive box, bees and all, making sure to get at least one frame with eggs or very young larva, one of capped brood, and at least one frame packed with resources.
  2. Place brood frames in the middle, resources next to that, and undrawn foundation on the outside
  3. Shake in an extra frame of bees & close up the new hive
  4. Reorganize the old hive with frames of brood in the middle, resources next to that, and undrawn frames on the outside
  5. Reduce the entrance on both hives, and add a hive-top feeder to both hives
  6. Check the new hive in 4 weeks for eggs/young larva/queen

I think everything else is good to go - I've got drones in my hive, night time temps are above 15C (60F), and there is a lot of pollen coming in.

Is this a reasonable approach?
I think so