Installed two packages this spring, both in 4-box medium with the top two boxes having drawn-out comb and the bottom two boxes only having one drawn out frame as a guide with the rest of the frames foundationless.

Check on both two days ago. One has a lot less bees in it so I looked at the frames and there is a lot of capped brood in both the top two boxes. Only one frame of honey in the top box. The other hive has a lot of bees and has benefited from a lot of drifting from the other hive I believe (they are next to each other). I didn't look at frames in that hive but hefted the boxes and the top is completely plugged with honey and the 2nd from top is about 75% full. They are festooning in the next box down. I gave them a 5th box on the bottom. Tonight there is a ball of bees below the populous hive about baseball size hanging on the bottom board (it is hot outside). I don't think they are trying to swarm because there is another fairly large sized clump separate from those also on the lower box.

I'm thinking of doing a split this Sat with the populous hive. I would shake all the bees out of it into another hive in a close by but different location. I would expect the queen and all the young bees to stay in the new hive and all the flyers to go back to their old home where there will be a lot of capped brood. I would give them a new queen (if I can find one to make this feasable) to get that colony going quickly and not wait for them to try to make one.

Sound reasonable?