Around here by the end of May our swarm season has ended. So, on May 24 when I caught a swarm in one of my swarm traps I figured that would be it for the year. Not so. On June 7 I caught another and on June 9 one more. Both were big.
For the record Iíve caught 10 swarms in these four traps this season. 5 with traps baited using Swarm Commander (SC) and 5 using lemon grass oil (lgo). All four traps are within a few feet of each other. Interesting is the fact that the two traps facing south caught 8Ö.3 in the SC trap and 5 in the lgo trap. 2 more were caught in the west facing sc trap and 0 in the east facing lgo trap.
My take away is that lgo is at least as effective as SC in my trial. Second that location may be important but the direction the entrance faces may be equally important.