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    RBCofficer - please post a picture of you compactor

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    Default Re: Light a smoker to last all day in seconds

    sure will. It no dought looks very crude but it gets the job done. Some of the engineers here could easily come up with a better design.
    The first pic shows the overall design. I put an end cap on it which a bolt goes threw. Measure your smoker and make it from this bolt placement to the top of the notches, where the twine goes through. This is also were you want the shaft of the compactor to end. The second pic is just showing how I put a stop, the bolt, to keep it compressed when I am ready to tie off. The third pic shows how I put the twine through. Double up and push through. After grass is compressed, I use a quilting a needle to push through at the top of the notched and bring the twine back through, this would be the top of the "bale", and then tie off. The last pick just shows a round pice of wood I place at the bottom, on top of the bolt, to keep a solid bottom when compressing. Pretty easy to use but not pretty. I kinda got this idea from the attached youtube video I had seen some time ago. Sorry I do not have a "bale" to show.

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    Sorry, I replied but it never posted. I will try again.

    This is the grass compactor i was talking about. It is not pretty but it works. I am sure someone on here can take the design and improve it. The first pic just shows the overall build. The second pic shows the stop, just a bolt, I use to keep the arms down and compacted while Tie the "bale" off. The third pic shows the cap at the bottom and a bolt holding together. A piece of wood goes on-top of the bottom bolt (see pic 4). Measure your smoker and make the top of the bolt to the top of the slots the size you prefer. I make it a little shorter so i can get a good fire going before I insert the "bale". I insert a double-up piece of twine and then start compacting the grass. after it is compacted I use a knitting needle to pull the twine back through and tie it off. This makes the "bale". after it is done just pull the bottom cap and the "bale" will come out. Like I said not pretty but it works good and is my preferred fuel for a long day at the bee yard.
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