Grubby little thing with a forked “tail”
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    Default Grubby little thing with a forked “tail”

    New beekeeper with a hive only 1 month old. Pulled out the inspection board from my SBB and saw a few white grub/wormy things with a forked tail (picture below) what are they?
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    Default Re: Grubby little thing with a forked tail

    Can't tell from your picture but could be one "small hive beetle" larva center of the picture 2/3 the way up?

    If it is a SHB larva check your frames you may have more, which is a indication of a dwindling hive.

    Search "small hive beetle" larva and "wax moth" larva on line for pictures. Both are opportunistic and will take advantage of a hive with a low population, or may find one or two below an uncleaned SBB. Keep your hives in full sun can help. If it's not either of those you don't need to worry it's not a honey bee pest. Neither have a forked tail. Sometimes earwigs/silverfish are found in hives they don't bother bees.


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