A swarm from one of my hives
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    Default A swarm from one of my hives

    sillow tree swarm.jpg

    This is a small swarm from one of my hives in a sapling brush willow tree, found them there on Sunday.
    I got a 4 frame nuc and put it on a cinder block right under the swarm. Put a piece of honey comb on the bottom, one drawn frame and 2 empty frames. Had my hair clip queen catcher next to me, and started gently taking small scoops of bees to look for queen, each scoop I put in the nuc. I found her on the 4th scoop and put her in catcher. I placed catcher between the drawn frame and next on, used a stick to prop the lid so that it is open a bit just under the swarm and not pushing on the hair clip handles. About an hour later, the bees were moving off the tree and into the nuc.
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    Default Re: A swarm from one of my hives

    All but one of the swarms I have caught have been that small. I have never looked for a queen when hiving one but am sure you can tether them better that way. I am jealous as I have only seen one swarm this year in a trap. I have not had one of my hives go yet this year which is a heck of a change from last year. Thanks for posting and the picture.
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    Default Re: A swarm from one of my hives

    Thanks for sharing the photo and congratulations on catching the swarm.
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